Lakeside Digital Computer Services is a local, family operated business committed to meeting all of your computer needs. 

The company first opened in 2003 in Riverton, MB and it has been located in Gimli since 2005. We have also held offices in the town of Arborg.

Stacey Loewen
Store Manager & 
Lead Technician

Stacey lives in Gimli with his wife and daughter. He works out of our office on Centre St to answer your questions and take care of your computer needs. He enjoys playing video games and being with his family in his spare time.

Gerald Byjork

Gerald lives in Arborg with his wife and daughters. He has lived in a few cities across Canada. He loved the community of the interlake and is happy to serve them! In his time off he plays video games or is with family.

Steven Plett

Steven lives in Gimli with his wife and daughters. He likes working locally and meeting the people who live in the Manitoba Interlake. Outside of work he plays guitar at church and spends time with his family.

Roger Plett

Roger lives in Silver Harbour with his wife. Roger always likes a good cup of coffee. He enjoys the business world and runs other businesses in the Interlake including Bowlers in Gimli!

Our Values

  • Bring honour to our God in every aspect of life and business.

  • Conduct business with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and ethics, even in the smallest details.

  • Treat fellow administrators and staff members with respect and dignity at all times.

  • Maintain a pleasant work environment where commitment, excellence and open communication are rewarded.

  • Place the needs of our customers above our own and always strive to provide them with the highest levels of value, personal thoughtfulness, and service attention to detail.

  • Be generous with the revenue generated and designate a percentage of profit to charity.

  • Use this business to create ongoing value for our staff, customers and community.