Computer Services


Tune Up


Includes virus removal

 Customized Computer Service 





SSD Upgrade

500 GB


*price subject to change without notice due to hardware price variation, not available on all models

Other services to ask us about

-data recovery

-virus removal

-computer set up

-password recovery

-custom PC



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When your computer isn't working for you Lakeside Digital can fix, upgrade or replace your computer. Your technology should make your life better.


Over time, your computer will slow down due to viruses, corrupt files, outdated equipment, unused programs and malware. Additionally, technology is constantly advancing, which means that the needs of your computer are always changing. Our trained service technicians keep up to date with the latest technology, issues and solutions for your computer.


At Lakeside Digital Computer services we are determined to give you the best service ever.



In this technological age we are now connected around the globe and it is our privilege to take care of the Earth's environment. Our first priority at Lakeside Digital is to repair old computers. Many people throw them away before they truly are trash. By repairing them instead, we save the atmosphere from toxic substances. When it's time to move on from your computer we will have it recycled and destroy your data. You may also consider buying a refurbished computer at a lower cost when it is time for a replacement. Together we can keep the Earth as clean as possible.